It is capable of processing burnable waste without using a supplemental fuel
We provide low temperature pyrolysis furnace that is compact, low cost, safe and eco.


Not an incinerator, Low-temperature thermal decomposition furnace Duster4D.


1. Fuel and electricity are not necessary.
2. Disposal cost of waste is not necessary.
3. If it is flammable waste, sorting is not necessary.


What’s Low-temperature thermal decomposition furnace?

  • It is capable of processing burnable waste without using a supplemental fuel, and the structure is environmentally friendly,
  • It can be pyrolyze by adjusting the amount of inflow of specially magnetized air.
  • It reliably avoids the decomposition temperatures at which dioxins and NOx generate in large quantities by decomposing waste at low temperature and low oxygen
  • It is available not only for household garbage of various facilities such as hospitals, factories and supermarkets and of an isolated island, but also for drifting garbage, waste ship (FRP is also available) and fishing net etc.
  • Due to low temperature treatment, the main unit has excellent durability.
  • Because the unit is compact, low cost and can be installed according to quantity of waste, setting up equipment installation plan is easy, so it doesn’t require excessive capital investment.
  • The amount of ash after treatment decreased to about 1/200 of the introduced amount. The ash is removed while maintenance.
  • Due to double structure, heat insulation effect is excellent. Outside temperature of the furnace doesn’t rise to dangerous temperature to the human body.
  • This is conforming to the legal regulations of such as the Ministry of the Environment.


Partnerships with JICA

As a part of the project of International Cooperation Organization JICA, we provide our low temperature pyrolysis furnace “Duster4D” to Government of Palau.
We will contribute to technical cooperation that JICA aims for solving various tasks that the developing countries are facing.


Partnerships with JICA


1.Introduce organic waste.

2.The inputs stand by for the process at the top.(image1)

3.Moisture is evaporated and dried by internal heat of the main unit.(dry distillation gas generates)

4.It captures the thermal storage effect of ash and the action of special magnetism, it pyrolyzes itself.

5.After carbonization, it became ashes and the process finishes.(image2)


Duster4D Introduction