E-Light Corporation provides solution for nuclear power generation problem, energy resource exhaustion problem and global warming problem that we are currently facing, and we are committed to continue co-exist of humanity and earth eternally.

Since the horrible Fukushima nuclear power plant accident caused by East Japan Great Earthquake disaster on 11th March 2011, we have to make a responsible decision on future ways of energy, including pros and cons of nuclear power generation, for the past, the present and the future, also for all over the world.
In order to provide solutions for global warming problems, we believe promoting both energy saving and energy creation like development and introduction of various new energy such as clean energy is urgent and the most effective.
E-Light Corporation looks into Japanese government’s energy policy to reduce dependence of nuclear power generation and will propose the most optinum eco solution for each customer’s building and facility by proposal type LED & SolarSystem that responds to the environmental conscious.

Toru Ebisuya
Chief Executive Officer