We can provide opportunities to use of unused lands and rooftops.
We promise stable revenue for 20 years with “E-Solar”

System integrator of solar power generation system

Solar power generationE-Light Corporation diversely supports solar power generation business for industrial use.
Please feel free to ask any questions about electric power selling, effective use of land.

Benefits of E-Solar

To the customers who provide their lands for installation of solar power generation facilities, we promise the followings.

  • We will pay you 5% of electric power revenue as rent fee.
  • We will provide full expenses of setting solar system.
  • We will provide full maintenance of the roof during the contract (20 years).
Cheaper utility costs of factories and buildingsYou can sell extra electricity Contribution to energy problems and global warmingCorporate image improvement

Accepting installation sites for solar power generation

E-Light is looking for the sites where we can install solar photovoltaic equipment.
We can provide opportunities to use of unused lands and rooftops.
You can earn 1 million yen electricity revenue annually for 20 years.

Those who have unused agricultural lands Those who have factories Those who own apartments or buildings

Installation examples

Landcarry Corporation:Mie solar power plant
(Mie prefecture, Tsu-city)
Generation capacity: 560kWh
solar cell module: Moserbaer

Landcarry Corporation

Fuji Chemical Corporation
(Gifuprefecture, Nakatsugawa-city)
Generation capacity: 143kWh
solar cell module: :Solar Frontier

Fuji Chemical Corporation